Winter on the farm

There is still a lot to do in the winter.

Every winter gets busier for me it seems like. This year winter season I felt as though I was behind all January due to a busier winter CSA and going to market almost through December. I feel mostly caught up now, but there are still many things to get done. I have all the seeds ordered, planting schedules for the CSA, market, and plant sales done, and most of my shopping done. However, I do need to get a few more things, get the greenhouse ready, finish some marketing projects, find more CSA members, start seeding next week, and we have sugarbush at Blandford coming, which is always a busy time of year.

As I mentioned, I’m starting some seeds next week already. I’m going to start them at the downtown market greenhouse rather than here so I don’t have to heat a large space for only a few flats. The week of March 9 we will have the partition up again and turn the heat on to keep that smaller area heated. Then in the beginning of April we’ll open everything up and start filling the entire greenhouse with plants in the ground and starts for this next season. I’m looking forward to getting everything going. When we open everything up in April, I will be putting in tomatoes and peppers in the ground inside already to hopefully have some ripe fruits by mid to late June!

Winter in Ghouse 2


Here are some pictures from our greenhouse, sorry they are not the best quality. The picture on the left is from February 2014 while the picture on the right is from today. You can see I’ve employed a slightly different strategy this winter, a clean greenhouse. I’m trying to seriously limit the organic matter on the soil to decrease the likelihood of any pests or diseases that could be trying to hide out in a warmer space the winter. I also hope our mice population won’t want to live in the greenhouse if there is no food for them. I also am trying to work to make the soil where we grow plants a bit healthier. They put in some nasty fill when building the greenhouse that is really compacted and I tend to have standing water in the middle of that section so the plants really suffer. So I am trying a very labor intensive double digging system to get down deep and loosen up the soil. It is my winter work out, I go out an hour or two each day I am slowly making progress.

Thanks again for signing up. I will try to keep posting on the new farm blog ever other week or so during the next couple of months till the CSA starts. Feel free to keep checking in on the blog and see how things are going.


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