Things are growing

It’s been just over two weeks now that I started our first seeds for the farm. I put in several different varieties of tomatoes that are meant to be good for the greenhouse. I am really excited to try out a few new ones. I am trying Kakao, which is a black/brown tomato that is a little smaller than other slicing tomatoes. More of the size of tomatoes you’d buy in a cluster at the store. Another variety I’m looking forward to is called Valencia, which is a large beefsteak orange tomato. IMAG0048The other new variety is a red slicing tomato that I chose for its good flavor and productivity. The other varieties to be grown in the greenhouse are ones that I’ve grown before; they are sun gold cherry tomatoes, tomimaru muchoo, and arbason. I grew the last two in the greenhouse last year and they did great. After seeing how well they did, it is tempting to grow all my tomatoes in a greenhouse or high tunnel. The ability to trellis them from above, control how much water they get, and prevent any moisture on the plants all help the tomatoes to be more productive and prevent any diseases.

I had also started some basil and peppers for the greenhouse the same day I started the tomatoes. The basil will be a new experiment to put in early, but I did have some peppers last year. I did increase the amount of peppers I’m doing this year from last year. I planted three trusted varieties; carmen (my favorite pepper), flavorburst (a close second), and revolution. Peppers are always a little tricky in the field. Some years that are cooler we won’t get colored peppers till almost the end of the season because they take so long to ripen. Growing them in the greenhouse will help us get those yummy colored peppers earlier.

I started all these plants at the downtown greenhouse to save on heat costs. I might as well start the plants where they are already heating a space rather than turn on my heat early. I was down there today seeding some lettuce to put in the greenhouse later this month and saw that all the tomatoes were up. The peppers were just starting to get going. Next week I will get the greenhouse at Blandford fired up and move things over here. I will have to move the tomato plants from those little cells to bigger ones next week then I hope to transplant them into the ground in a month.

It is always exciting to get things started this time of year. After sitting on the computer working on crop plans, marketing, seed orders, and all the other random stuff I’ve done in the past couple months it is nice to get out and do some things outside. These next two months I’ll spend a lot of time in the greenhouse and even though it is exciting now, I’ll be ready to start working on things in the field in May. This is one of the best things about working on a farm, there is always new things coming up.


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