Greenhouse Update

The day that March arrived my life has suddenly become very busy. Not only do have have greenhouse work like seeding and potting up (moving seedlings from a small container to a bigger one), but I am also busy with sugarbush.

I help out with sugarbush here at Blandford. For those who may never heard this term before, it refers to the time of year when we tap our maple trees for sap and boil the water out of the sap to get maple syrup. It is a really cool process harvesting sap and getting syrup once it is boiled down. I am responsible for getting the sugarshack set up for our great volunteers that hang out in the sugarhouse all day boiling the sap. I also drive around on the tractor collecting the sap and bringing it to the sugarhouse.

Sugarbush is great, but at the same time it gets going, I start to get busy in the greenhouse. The first week of March there are always lots of things to get started for the farm including onions, leeks, celery, and a few other things. I also start plants for our plant sales in May and for an organization called Our Kitchen Table. They use the plants we start for a couple different programs they offer in the Baxter neighborhood with low income families.

IMAG0076It is a very fun time of year, but the abrupt shift from office work to running around all day always catches me off guard. It is worth it though, I love sitting in the greenhouse seeding in March. It always warm and sometimes hot. The other day it was over 80 and I was sweating just sitting down. It is also nice to start a new season and start in on the seed schedules I had been working on for so long.IMAG0074

Here are a couple pictures of what it looks like in the greenhouse. This will change quickly and I am in there almost every day adding new trays of plants and moving things around. This week on the seeding schedule is kale, chard, lettuce, bok choy, and scallions for the farm. I also have another round of plants to get started to sell at market and plants for Our Kitchen Table. I cannot wait to get started on another busy week.


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