I’ve been living in the greenhouse

Everyday I go in the greenhouse and either seed more plants into trays or move plants to bigger pots and trays. A little more than a week ago we took down the partition to make more room for everything, but we’ve been filling that space quite quickly. The partition was just two pieces of plastic hung up to act as a barrier so we would only heat about a 5th of the space rather than the entire 4000 sq ft for only a few trays. There is a picture in my first post of the partition if you’d like to see what it looks like.

What is taking up a large amount of space is the leeks, onions, and shallots.IMAG0084 We seed them into open flats and once they come up we separate them and put them into individual cells of a tray. This helps up use less space early on. These three plants also take a while to germinate and are in the trays for so long it is nice to get them some new soil at some point. The down side to doing it this way is that it takes forever to move the plants from the trays to the cells. However, I really have not found a better way so far that I liked so this it how we did it.

Below are two pictures of the greenhouse a week and a half ago and the greenhouse earlier this week. The first one is when we still had the partition up and we were getting close to filling the space. The other picture is with the partition down and you can see how we are slowly taking over the space. At this point we are about two thirds full on the plant start side. If we continue to use up the space at the rate we’ve been currently doing, we could be in trouble. However, we should be able to start putting plants in the field in a few weeks. The onions, leeks, and shallots will all be able to be transplanted before the end of this month which will free up a lot of space.

IMAG0085 IMAG0095

This time of year is very nice to be able to be in the greenhouse so much. It is always warm in there and the works isn’t too hard. I can sit and if I am not counting out scallions, I can think about things I need to do or listen to podcasts. So for the time I enjoy living in the greenhouse so much. However, I am always ready to start doing field work in May because the greenhouse work does get a little much after a while. This is the best part of farming though, everything is seasonal and I never do anything for more than a couple months.


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