It’s spring, the garlic is up!

I am always excited to see the garlic come up in the spring. We plant in it in the fall at the end of October and I don’t get to see if anything comes up for the next 5-6 months. It is the longest I have to wait to see how well something germinated and I am always anxious how well it did. No need to worry this year, our garlic looks great. The plants look healthy so far and I don’t have many empty spot in any of the five beds of garlic. IMAG0108

If you’ve been apart of the CSA for a while than you know that I love growing and eating garlic. One of my favorite parts of growing it is that I get to save the seed and slowly build up my garlic supply. For example, my first year I bought 3 bulbs of one variety call Bavaria (the seller only wanted to give me three…). From those three bulbs I got 10 cloves which I planted and got 10 bulbs the following year. Over the years I have built up from those 3 bulbs and planted every Bavaria cloves I get. This year I expect to get over 300 bulbs, which will finally be enough to start giving some to the CSA. I think I love being able to start with a small number of something and watching my supply over the years. All I have to do it do some care for it and it does all the work for me.

I also love selecting good quality and good sized garlic to save to increase the average size of all my garlic. This means that sometimes the CSA get some of the smaller sized garlic. However, over time I should be able to weed out all the smaller ones and be left with great sized garlic to save for seed the following year and for the CSA.Jul 12 garlic drying undercover of a barn

Now that the garlic is peaking out we have another two and a half months or so till get get garlic scapes in the CSA and then roughly three and a half months till get can harvest and dry out our garlic.

I realized I don’t have a picture of our garlic when we dry it, but this is what it looks like after we harvest it and take the tops off and clean it. I’m looking forward to when we get to do this with our garlic.


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