The CSA starts next week!

Earlier today, Alec and I walked around the field looking at everything to get a sense of how well all the vegetables are doing before the first pick up. I am always anxious about the first week, but my impression after we had our walk about was that things look ok. Some things are on track and look great, while others I wish were a little bigger.  Compared to last year, however, we will have more produce for the first pick up when everyone just got 4 things.

The first week or two of the CSA is always a little light for produce. I would love to start with some nice sized shares, but that never happens. It is only the beginning of June after all. Plus what always happens in that some of the spring crops get slowed by weather or they don’t come up as well. The crops that I am disappointed about this year are the spinach (this is nothing new to me), the kale (really, the groundhog that ate most of them is to blame here), and the cut greens, (I was a little late, but those cool nights didn’t help either). The lettuce looks great, the chard looks really good being this early, and I am excited about the microgreens again.

Even though there are a lot of things that look really good, the weeds are also looking healthy. We will have to spend time over the next little bit to clean up the beds before the weeds get too big. This year we have more volunteers and CSA members helping out on the farm so I am grateful for their help with weed pulling. It may not be glamorous, but it is an important job. Pulling weeds is actually something I enjoy on the farm; it is an easy mindless job that can be very relaxing.

I am really excited about this coming season; it is hard to believe that it is already here. However, it always goes so fast so I hope you can enjoy every week. I am excited about trying a few new crops. I have a couple new cut greens (examples of these are things like mixed greens, arugula, or cut lettuce) that I am excited to try. I am trying to do different heads of a couple new Asian greens. The greenhouse will have early tomatoes and peppers and I am trying a new cucumber in there as well. I am trying a couple new basil varieties and I am going to plant some other herbs like thyme, sage, and oregano in the field for harvesting during the season. I am going to try to do more broccoli and more of the mini cabbage. Otherwise, most things will be generally similar to other season.

We can expect June to have lots of leafy green things great for stir-fries and salads. In July we’ll start to get some of the first summer fruits like summer squash and cucumbers, but also the carrots, broccoli, beets, and cabbage. August will be some of the same, but lots of tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, corn, and eggplant as well. Then we get into my favorite season when the fall crops like leeks, brussels sprouts, and potatoes.

If you are a CSA member or you are just reading along each week to keep up with the farm, I hope you enjoy the season!

20150522_130024For the picture of the post – we’ve been out to Trillium a few times prepping the field over there and planting our potatoes. It seems as though a flock of turkeys have moved into the neighborhood. They are surprisingly not very afraid of us. I was able to get almost 20 feet away from them. Maybe they know it isn’t turkey season, but the one time I tried to hunt turkeys I couldn’t get 150 feet from them before they took off running. Either way, we have some company with us over there.


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