Week #4 – When professional soccer is like farming

We got some more rain this on Monday. It has been nice not to worry about irrigating as much so far. Things on the farm look pretty good. We are still having some ground hog problems despite trying to fill in all the gaps in the fence. The tomatoes in the greenhouse are just starting to get ready, I assume in a couple weeks there will be enough for the CSA. I am also happy with how the leeks, onions, celery, potatoes, and field tomatoes look.

We made some progress on the weeds last week, but I imagine it is going to be a battle for the rest of the season trying to stay on top of the weeds. Despite the weeds and everything else that needs to get done, I took Friday off and left town last weekend and headed up to the UP. Even though the mosquitoes were terrible and my kids got sick on Saturday, it felt good to take a mental and physical break from the farm.

So far I’ve been more worn out than previous seasons on the farm. I’ve been off my game a little. I am guessing it is a combination of doing more each year and the fact that I am not 24 any longer when would rarely get worn out.   I know I am still young, but I also know from watching and following a lot of European soccer, when you hit your early 30s you are past your physical peak. It really hit me when I strained my back early last week, which I have never done, while doing something that I often do. I also think that because I’ve added more things through out the entire year I don’t have time to rest. You can always tell after a world cup year that some professional soccer players did not get their usual month long vacation before starting up for a new season. They can seem tired and not quite up to their usual selves. I think this has been happening to me, I keep adding more in the winter when I usually can rest more. It also doesn’t help that I don’t get a full night sleep when my youngest still wakes up every night. All that to say, I was ready to recharge my batteries a bit.

I was thinking about how to stay on top of my game for the next 30 or so years that I will be a farmer. I know there are farmers in their 60s so how do they keep going and not burn out or break their bodies beforehand. The conclusion I’ve come up with is that it is now time for me to be more intentional about taking care of my body. I need to start doing yoga more consistently and being smart about my posture. Doing some stretching and yoga exercises will help keep my back loose and strengthen my core. Yoga was one of the things that kept one of my favorite soccer players playing well until he retired when he was 40. Then you either become a manager or a pundit, which isn’t a bad option for farmers either. I could just tell other people how to do the work on the farm or I could just talk about farming. I think the similarities between farming and soccer break down here as there is probably more money is managing and speaking about farming than actually doing the farming. If only farming was more entertaining, then we could have people pay to watch us farm and sign away some TV rights for people to watch on TV as well.

20150623_12260320150623_122546Check out these tomatoes! We got our first greenhouse tomatoes this week. We could only harvest a few for market, but I would guess we’ll get enough for the shares in a couple weeks!


One thought on “Week #4 – When professional soccer is like farming

  1. LOL, Aaron, this was my favorite blog post yet! I like really like the soccer comparison. I hope that your little guy sleeps through the night soon! A farmer needs his rest!! 🙂


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