Week #5

What are all these veggies?

Week 5 already, that is almost 25% of the way through the CSA already. We have been busy again already this week. We have a new part time person, Britainy, on the farm to help us out. She started yesterday and we plowed through lots of transplanting. It is always nice to have an extra hand around to get things done!

I maybe should have done a post like this the first week, but now is a good time as well. There are many new members this year, and I forget that many people do not know what to do with all the produce each week. I remember when I first started working on a farm back in the day and was exposed to all these new vegetables, it was cool to see the new produce, but I didn’t know what to do with them all. The oddest vegetable to me back then and maybe what is still a little strange now is the kohlrabi. I think it is totally bizarre and looks a little like an alien. So for all of you who may not know what to do with everything coming up in this next month here is a quick run down.

NatachaNatacha – Chicory/Endive

This is a new kind of vegetable for me this year. I’ve grown a different kind of endive before called Frisee, but this Natacha is a little different. Everyone should get at least one head over the next month. It has a mild flavor and it is slightly bitter, which is typical for endives. It is a great addition to any salad, which I’m sure you have been having a lot of so something different might be nice to spice it up.

IndigoIndigo – Radicchio

I don’t remember if I’ve grow this the last couple of year, but it is similar to the Endive. It is another bitter green that works from in salad. I always see little pieces of it in salad mixes from the store. They are the thinker red and white chunks in the mix so you’ve probably eaten radicchio without even knowing it.

Zefa FinoFennel

This is a little more familiar, but while you may have eaten radicchio without knowing it you would know if you have eaten fennel. It has a distinct anise/licorice flavor. The top, frilly part, known as the fronds are great chopped up and put in a salad or as a garnish. The bulb on the bottom is great raw, roasted, or stir fried. People also say it is good with fish.

HakureiHakurei – Salad turnips

I know we’ve had these already, but we’ll have these guys again this week and some next week. I love these little turnips. They aren’t like your typical turnip, they are tender and mild. They are great raw in salad or you can cook with them and roast them. However, I typically just eat them right out of the ground in the field. Unfortunately, they can be a little buggy at times, but those are easy to cut around.

Summerfest KomatsunaKomatsuna

This is an experiment just like the Tatsoi was, however, I am not as excited about how this one turned out. It is tasty, the plants just don’t look as nice. They can be used just like the tatsoi or the bok choy.

Well those are the more unfamiliar vegetables for this next month. In August or September I may give an explanation of more new produce coming up in those months.


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