Week #10

I was gone up to the UP aver the weekend so I was glad to find out when I returned that we had gotten some rain. I was also glad to find out we did not have the storms that they had further up north a little ways. The rest of my family stayed up in the UP so I took a bus back to GR on Monday and we went right through Traverse City. It took a little longer to go through that area because there were trees down and we had to stop and wait for a while for a power line to be cleared off the road. I was glad I did not come back to the greenhouse ripped apart or a tree down on the barn or something.

It was a nice trip. It is always good to step away from things for a little while. It doesn’t happen that often. Sometimes I can come back refreshed and this is one of those time. When I got to the farm this morning it took me a minute to get back on track. Everything looks good and with the rain we had Sunday night things look happy. Maybe the plants were happy I was gone as well.

When I walked around today checking in on everything I was excited about how things looked. The big patch of brussels, broccoli, and other fall crops is looking good. There is even some broccoli that should be ready before the end of the month. Fortunately I have not had any ground hog problems in this patch so we’ll be able to have broccoli in the CSA soon! I was also happy to see that the melons were close. I walked through and one looked close to I cut it open. It was good, but not quite ready. We will wait another week on them.

I was also glad to see the field tomatoes were just starting to produce. They harvested some on Monday and it looks like we should have some good quality tomatoes. The past couple years I’ve been disappointed with a lot of cracking and waste, but these look pretty good. We’ve also been getting all the onions out and the garlic look great as they are drying. There is also a nice patch of carrots and beets that will be ready soon and the fall roots that I’ve been planting that past couple weeks are all coming up and look great.

It is nice to come back from a break and see everything look good. I am looking forward to this second half of the season, which is always my favorite time anyway. This is mainly because I love the fall crops. Being my favorite crops I am glad they all doing well.


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