Week #13 – Well I guess it is fall

It sure feels like the season is changing with this cooler weather. It looks like we will have cool weather for the next couple of days. We will even have a low right around 50 for the next couple of nights, which will really slow down the tomato and pepper plants. It won’t be long till the inevitable first frost, well maybe in a month or so. In fact. the long term forecasts does say that next week we’ll see temperatures back in the mid to upper 80s. So it may not actually be fall quite yet.

I do have fall and winter on my mind as I think about transitioningDisplaying 20150825_133320.jpg the greenhouse into winter production. If see the greenhouse this week, you’ll notice that the side where we had all the benches for our plant starts are gone, the ground fabric is pulled up and I spread a bunch of compost. I’ll keep getting the soil ready for some plants to go into the ground in a week or two. The first to go in will be kale and chard closely followed by lettuce, spinach, cilantro, and finally arugula and radishes.

The next step will be tearing down the other side full of our tomato plants, peppers, and cucumber plants. I’ve been happy with how most things did in the greenhouse this year so it will be hard to know just when to pull them all out before they completely stop. The tomatoes did very well and I was impressed with how long the cucumbers produced. The cucumbers in the greenhouse did much better than the field cucumbers even with less space and less plants. The tomatoes are also much more productive than the tomatoes in the field. I wish I had another greenhouse to that I could grow all my tomatoes and cucumbers in, but that is not the case, yet… Then I could grow even more in the winter as well.

In other news, we started digging up the potatoes last week. We dug up the early variety we have called Dark Red Norland. I was a little disappointed with how they did, I think we got about half of what we got for that variety last year. I know last year was an amazing year for potatoes in general, but there may be something else going on in that some of the plants seemed to die back earlier than they normally should. I’ll be curious to see how well all the other potato varieties do. We checked out the winter squash as well, which also didn’t look as great. They also looked like they had some extra mildew problems, which is not normal for out there.

An average harvest of potatoes and winter squash seems to be the theme of this season. Well everything has done well, I cannot think of anything that has done amazing. It is just a fairly average year with a bit extra ground hog problems. So we just won’t have the bumper crop of potatoes and winter squash this year. One positive is that the Brussels Sprouts look better than last year so that will make up for it. However, they will probably end up being average just like everything else.


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