Week #14 – Summer recipes

Instead of a typical update from the field I’m going to pass on some recipes, cook books I like and some websites I like to use for finding meal ideas. Probably one of the hardest thing for most first time CSA members is figuring out what to do with their produce. This year, I haven’t been able to pass on as many recipes as I’d like, but I hope these tips can help you finish out the season.


Recently we’ve had many great vegetables that most people know exactly what to do with. We are used to eating the tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and lettuce so we generally know what we like to do with them. However, we still have the kale, chard, bok choy, chinese cabbage, fennel, that may be a little less intuitive. Here are a couple links to some recipes that will help figure out what to do with these.

Lasagna with chard and eggplant – A little bit of a fancy lasagna with the wine in it, but it is so good.

Stir Fry with bok choy and scallions – Stir fry is my favorite way to use bok choy so here is a good recipe to use your head up if you got one this week.

Korma – We make korma once or twice a month at my house. They are really easy and very good. This recipe looks pretty good. We always through in a few more veggies like corn, chard, carrots, or whatever sounds good.

Summer Slaw – I always love a good slaw. Here is a great one that uses a lot of different summer veggies.


A_to_Z_FairShare_CoverAsparagus to Zucchini – This is a great book for beginners. It goes through each vegetable and gives 5-20 recipes for each one. It also intros each vegetable giving some storage tips.

Simply in Season – As the name suggests, this cookbook goes through each season and gives recipes based on what vegetables are ready then. This can be helpful as the idea of cooking and eating seasonally can be new.

Two authors I really like are Mark Bittman and Deborah Madison. They both have big books called “How to cook everything” and “Vegetarian cooking for everyone” respectively that very helpful. I also have a soup cookbook from Deborah Madison that I really like if you love soups called Vegetable Soups.


There are so many websites with recipes that you could find whatever you needed online. I also have not used my cookbooks nearly as often as just doing a quick search online. The problem with that however, is that you generally need to know what you are looking for. Below are a couple of websites that help you find something that you may not have thought of before.

Foodily – A csa member passed this website on to me and I’ve begun using it on occasion. On this site, you can write in what ingredients you have and it will find recipes that will include all those ingredients. It looks through a fairly large amount of external websites so there are often many different websites to choose from.

Gathered Table – This website is a meal planning website. You can enter in your diet and poof preferences and it will create a weekly menu for you. I wish it did a better job of planning out your menu based on a CSA share, but it can be helpful for getting new ideas. I also found that unless you do the vegetarian option, most meals will have meat. I don’t eat meat every day so that was a little hard for me to use that diet.


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