Week #17 – We can now officially welcome fall

Wednesday this week is our first day of fall. These warm afternoons don’t make it feel like it is fall, but it is nice to have some sunny days. I am also surprised we don’t seem to have any weather that is threatening frost. I always say the first frost will come close to the full moon closest to October 1. This year, that full moon will be on Sunday, but the low that night will be in the 50s. We will have to wait a little longer before the farm really transitions into a real fall.

It does feel weird having 80+ degree days and the sun being so low in the sky. Normally in the summer it is up high and beating down, but for some reason when it gets that warm now it doesn’t feel so bad.

The mornings are chilly though. This morning was the first harvest morning my fingers hurt from the cold. It is great when I see the sun rising and getting above the trees high enough to start warming up my hands. This is the time of year when you start working with two or three layers on and by noon all you need is a t-shirt. It’s great.

Everything in the field is doing well with the warmer weather as well. I wish I would know ahead of time we would have a warmer end of September. Then I would have planted more lettuce and greens for October. However, everything else will keep on growing and we should have a great October.

The final 5 weeks will have some great produce as all the fall things are getting ready. I like to wait till October for the leeks and brussels sprouts so they will be coming soon. They all look really good so far. We’ll have more potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, beets, and garlic coming. The rutabaga, turnips, and winter squash are also going to be showing up soon as well.

With all the harvesting we’ve done lately, here are some great pictures of some cool looking and some funny looking things we’ve gotten.

Displaying 20150917_125759.jpg

When I dug up this potato I knew it was one of the biggest potatoes I’d ever harvested. It wasn’t until I got it back and put it on the scale that I also realized it had a little face. I think I will keep this little potato gremlin around for a bit to look for it at the pick ups.

Displaying 20150914_151034.jpgHere is part of our pumpkin harvest for the season. It isn’t the best year for winter squash, but the pumpkins did pretty good. It will be pie time before too long.

Displaying 20150909_115414.jpgAnd of coarse one of my favorite fall vegetables is the romanesca. It is an heirloom cauliflower that tastes much better than cauliflower and looks a lot cooler as well.


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