Week #19 – Farmer Aaron’s top 5 soups to get your soup on

I love the vegetables the we get this time of year. I also love soup (although sometimes I wonder if soup if just an excuse for me to eat saltines). So when you can combine soup and and fall produce it makes a wonderful mix. Plus the weather is colder and soup is the perfect fix for adjusting to the cold once again. So I decided to share my favorite soups for this time of year. It is a classic top five, so enjoy.

I have made all of these, but I typically find a few recipes of what I want to make then make something with what I have. So to save myself a little time since it is again getting close to pick up time already I’ll give you a link to recipes that are similar to what I like to make.

Borscht recipe#5 – Borscht – Seven letters and only one vowel for Borscht. I didn’t realize that before. Anyway. I really like beets and if you are going to add them to soup and turn it red then you might as well make a borscht. It is a great way to use up a lot of good fall vegetables too.

Kale and White Bean Soup recipe#4 – White bean and Kale soup – If I regularly had white beans on hand this soup would probably be high on the list. The right kind of sausage can also propel this soup up higher. It does taste good even without the meat and it is a great way to use up some kale (or chard and collards) that you may have not gotten around to.

Carrot-Ginger Soup#3 – Carrot Ginger Soup – This recipe could use one of my favorite puree soup additions, which is coconut milk. I do like just the simple carrot and ginger flavor though.

#2 – Curried Cauliflower soup – The recipe for this link is also missing coconut milk. You could do a little less stock and add a can of coconut milk. That would be real good.

Potato Leek Soup#1 – Potato Leek soup – Yes, my all time favorite. This is a pretty basic recipe (it is also quite big). I sometimes add milk after I’ve pureed it to make it creamier. I have also sauteed things like kale or chard and added it after as well. I once sauteed chard with pork sausage and put that in the soup, which was great. Bacon would also be good. The basic recipe is a great on its own though too.


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