Winter CSA week #2 – Life’s a little slower now

The end of the summer CSA season always feels wierd. The transition is not easy from being here everyday and busting it on the farm every week to having time to catch up on things again. I don’t even show up at the farm a couple days last week. I think last week Tuesday and Wednesday was the first time since before last March that I didn’t make the drive over to the farm at least once in the day (aside from the few days I was up north this summer). The greenhouse and the goats keep me tied to this place. Now I don’t need to check on the greenhouse and I have someone helping with goat chores so I get a true day off at home!

20151104_124337It was nice to be home. I was able to bring my daughter to and from school on Tuesday. On Wednesday my wife began working another job just on Wednesdays and I stayed home with the kids all day, which is something I’ve never done on my own all day. You can see from these picture my kids seemed ok with it. We carved a pumpkin even though 20151104_125002Halloween had passed, we just didn’t get the pumpkin in time… I did the same this week, although I did work from home on Tuesday. I had some email and 2016 planning I could do on the computer. I was going to try to just work 4 days a week during these next couple months. I have so much vacation time, but I don’t think only 4 days a week will last for me. There is and will be too much that I’ll want to get done.

I don’t really like change or transition so every year this move into November is a little hard for me to go from a busy and structured week into a slower and less/different structured week. I think I am getting the hang of it this week again, but the first week after the CSA is a little off for me every year.

Anyway, this is farm blog not a blog about me and my kids. I am excited about how things have been looking yet this November. We’ve had some cold nights, but everything in the field looks good yet and things are growing really well in the greenhouse. I put down lots of compost in the greenhouse before planting all the winter crops and it is making a huge difference. I think I said this before, but if compost wasn’t so expensive I’d put two to three inches over the entire field every year. Just putting down what I did in the greenhouse probably cost me $200-$300. I did add more of it this year to the fields and I can tell what areas I put a lot on. I can put down lots of the organic fish emulsion fertilizer, but nothing is better than some good compost.

I have all the squash, onions, garlic, shallots, poatoes, and some of the roots stored for these next several weeks. I’ll just be pulling out the stuff from the greenhouse and a few things from the fields these next few weeks. I do wish the weather would work with my schedule a little more. Last week and this week the nice days were when I was home and the colder days are when I need to harvest. As long as it doesn’t start to snow or anything on Fridays anytime soon.


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