Nice melons and cucs

Even though we had some of the early summer and early July crops looking as well due to the weather and bugs our mid summer crops are looking great. Mainly the crops that are ripening up right now. I was not expecting our melons to be ready yet, it is 2-3 weeks earlier than other years and the cucumber patch we have in the field is the best cucumber patch I think we’ve had here. This is why is is so nice to grow a diversity of crops.

After a couple years of decent cucumber patches I tried growing some in the greenhouse and thought the productivity and fruit quality was great compared to the field. This year I planned to grow the majority of my cucumbers in the greenhouse, but this year the field cucumbers are doing better than the early greenhouse cucumbers. I can only attribute that to the weather we’ve had. It has been hot, they have been getting plenty of rain lately, and  I am not seeing quite as many cucumber beetles as other years. All great things for the cucumbers.

The melons are another crop that look great. I was really surprised last Friday when we cut one open and it was ripe already. I don’t remember ever having ripe melons in July. The plants also look really healthy yet so this might be just the beginning of a great melon year. They also taste great by the way.

As I said, the best part of growing a large diverse set of vegetables is that every year you’ll have some crops that don’t do well and some that does exceptionally well. It has been a few years that we’ve been this hot so it has been different and at times difficult, but with how nice many of the summer fruit crops are doing it really isn’t a bad season. It’s just different.


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