Sorry I have not posted on the blog any farm updates in a while. Unfortunately, when things on the farm get busy the things that get dropped tend to be office/computer work. I’m hopeful this can be different in the future as the farm continues to grow and we can add more staff. It would be great to have someone dedicated on the farm to marketing and communications. In the mean time, I will have to do my best.

I thought I could give a farm update since I haven’t posted for the past month. It feels like things are getting closer to fall as the temperature is starting to get a little cooler each week. I don’t see any lows in the 40s coming up in the next 10 days. This is still a little warm, we’ve had light frosts by now other years. Along with the shift in weather temperature, some of the summer crops are starting to be done as well. The summer squash patch looks to be completely done along with the cucumbers in the field. The tomatoes have gotten a disease and are starting to die off as well so the numbers are much lower. Once we get a frost the tomatoes will be completely done even though that might not be for a few weeks yet.

The warmer weather definitely helped the tomatoes this year. I’ve never had so many tomatoes in a single week. The weeks we were getting so those massive quantities we were spending so much time harvesting and sorting all the tomatoes. It was great though to see all the tomatoes, there was one day we harvested over 1000 tomatoes from the field. Other crops that have done well over the summer have been the melons. I’ve never had such a good melon year either. We also had a bumper crop of field cucumbers.

All these fruiting crops have really enjoyed the weather and have done much better than other years. This makes up for some of the problems with crops earlier in the season. We did finally get an arugula patch and the salad turnips are finally good. I’ve planted 3 patches of salad turnips before this one and they all died off from the flea beetles. I’ve also been a little frustrated with the carrots, beets, and mini cabbage. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to seed them and water them in. I think way may be best is a new seeder and some over head water, but that is a topic for another day.

We have 6 more weeks of the CSA after this week. Things are starting to come to an end. We do have a good amount of produce to get out to the CSA yet so don’t worry things aren’t slowing down too much yet.


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