Hello, there! My name is Liz Visser.

You may or may not remember me from an earlier blog post (Liz’s Farm Memories…So Far) that I wrote as a seasonal Blandford Farm Assistant.  I am elated to have been hired on as a full time, bona fide Blandford staff member, with an official title of “Farm Associate and Educator.” I’ll be given more responsibility, as well as working with the outdoor education folks through the slower winter months. What this means for you is that if you have questions regarding your CSA share, are interested in a farm event, or have any other queries that you’ll be emailing the Blandford Farm about, I’ll be the person on the other end.

*You can reach me at

This past season, I didn’t make much of an effort to be around for CSA pickups because (quite frankly) I was usually exhausted and just wanted to go home and take a shower.  But this year, I hope to be more present, and to get to know CSA members a little better.

Because many CSA members (and other supporters of the farm) may not have gotten a chance to get to know me, I wanted to give a bit of context for myself since I will be working at the farm in a more permanent (yay!) fashion.

After my senior year of college, I realized that sustainable agriculture (and all its nuances) was something I was passionate about and wanted to pursue.  I also realized that I didn’t have any practical experience with agriculture.  So I decided to WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on  Organic Farms) in order to learn more.  It is a program that connects people who want to learn about farming with farms that are interested in training/hosting a farm loving stranger.  I WWOOFed in CA, MS, and ME.

I have worked many seasonal jobs both on farms and at outdoor education centers in MI, OH, and WI.

I have traveled all over the US, but was always drawn back to Michigan. Fortunately, Blandford Nature Center is in Michigan, and allows me to combine all of my seasonal, educational, and traveling experiences into one meaningful job.  The main thing that got old about seasonal work was packing up and leaving every 6 months or so. I am very much looking forward to putting down roots (pun intended) at Blandford.


I welcome the craziness that is to come.


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