In the words of the BEEPS…

For those of you who don’t know, BEEPS are Blandford Environmental Education Program Students.  This year, Aaron and I have been part of a collaboration between Blandford Nature Center and Blandford School: the BEEP mentorship program.  This week, the theme was communication, and so the BEEPS decided to write a blog post that I could share! 

Hi.  Our names are James, Other James, Violet and Ava.  We are part of the first-ever Blandford Farm Mentorship Program, or BFMP.

I am Violet and I will tell you about how this mentorship is going for me.  The first day we cleaned the goat pen.  That was the worst day.  But it was still fun because we sang and told jokes.  I love being in the dirt and planting the seeds.

Hi.  My name is James.  And I like turnips.

Hi.  My name is James P. and I am part of the very first mentorship of farming.  I really like farming and it is so fun to do this mentorship. 🙂

Hello, I am Ava.  I am part of the first ever farm mentorship at Blandford.  I did not know that when I came to blandford a lot of things were going to happen.  Number 1.  I did not know that I would have this much homework.  Number 2.  I did not know I would make such great friends, and finally number three.  That I would be able to be in such a great mentorship.  This mentorship has been a once in a lifetime chance.  First of all I get to hang out with the goats so much more then I would have if I was not in this mentorship.  Second, I got free food, spinach, and turnips.  And finally third I got to know the farm a lot better.  Overall I am happy I am in this mentorship.  I would recommend this mentorship to any future BEEPS.


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