The Blandford Farm is beautiful 10 minute walk west of the visitor center where we focus our education on the production of food. Our farm is a living example of how many small farms work and we offer programs to witness how our food is grown and taken from the field to your plate.

We grow over 40 different vegetables and over 300 varieties on our 2.5 acres. We also have a greenhouse where we grow food throughout the year and start plants for the farm and for sale at the market. Our animal residents include chickens, bees, and goats that help us graze in the field, pollinate the flowers, and offer entertainment.

The food grown on the farm is sold through our CSA program and at the Fulton St. Farmer’s market. Come out to visit the farm or get involved by buying a CSA share, our produce at the market, or volunteering your time to help on the farm.


Meet your Farmers:

Farmer Aaron

picture 2 Now in his 5th season at Blandford farm and his 8th season as a farmer, Aaron is excited how the farm continues to get better each season. Aaron loves being outside watching plants grow from seed to maturity and continual learning curve that comes with growing food.





Blandford Farm Hall of Fame – Past employees of the farm


Nick Freeman

Having previously volunteered at Blandford and spending time WWOOFing, Nick was excited to be our full time summer farm employee in 2014. Nick was looking forward to learning as much as he could about growing food before heading off with the peacecorp in early 2015. Good luck in Zambia!





Joel Schramm

Joel was part time during 2014. He has spent much of his time preparing food for other people to eat, but he does enjoy working on the farm to help with growing the food as well. He came on during July to help out with the busy CSA harvest days and help us stay on top of all the weekly weeding and plants projects.




BlanfordNature-72Talia Sheets

Talia Joined the farm full time for the summer of 2013. She hailed from California, but had ties to Grand Rapids. She had spent time working on farms and enjoys growing food and being outside. Running the market was one of her favorite things at the farm during the season.





Joel Flint – Joel came to Blandford during the 2012 season and was our first full time paid summer farm employee. Having always enjoyed gardening and farming, Joel enjoyed his time at the farm and found many of the tasks meditative.






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